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The Business Department strives to prepare the student body with the skills and knowledge to become a productive member of the business world for the 21st Century. Fundamental to the accomplishment of this major objective, is the inclusion of the following goals:
  • Develop basic skills
  • Prepare students for business employment
  • Provide preparatory training for post-secondary education
  • Provide the opportunity for computer literacy and proficiency
  • Prepare students to be informed consumers/citizens with knowledge of and appreciation for our free enterprise system,
  • Promote business as a career and create an awareness of and appreciation for business real life experiences

Throughout the curriculum, the following program goals should be evident:

Career Development
  • Students will be able to plan, enter and advance in a business career or obtain necessary competencies for post-secondary training in business careers.

Leadership Development
  • Students will be able to demonstrate positive attitudes, work habits and interpersonal and organizational skills necessary for successful business employment.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate effective business communication skills.

Computational Processing
  • Students will be able to use computational skills to solve business problems.

Information Processing
  • Students will be able to perform tasks using a variety of software applications.
Business Systems and Procedures
  • Students will be able to exhibit knowledge of and perform tasks involved in business systems and procedures.

Business and Economic Principles
  • Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the private enterprise system and its effect on entrepreneurs, producers, and consumers.

  • Students will be exposed to and use the latest technology available in order to compete in our technological society

Curriculum in the business department places strong emphasis on teaching students business and technology applications for the 21st Century. It follows the National and ISTE Standards for Business Education. The curriculum offers a mix of integrated business applications and strategies for every student so that they will be equipped with self-worth, poise, and the skills needed to compete in a global economy.

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