Freshman Technology Management and Career Preparation

Google, Technology and Applications


Level: College Prep
Credit: .5 (Half-year)

This course will prepare you to effectively incorporate 21st Century computer technology with the learning strategies utilized in your courses at Malden High School. You will be introduced to software and web programs that will enhance your keyboarding skills, mastery of industry standard business documents, and prepare you for the work world, via employment applications, cover letter, resume, interviewing techniques. Exploring Self-Awareness, Career Research, Career Degrees, and Career Decisions will also be introduced to help you evaluate, match and integrate information about yourself and various occupations into satisfying career choices and to make easier the transition from academics to the 21st Century work world. Working with research tools, team work, collaboration, and organization skills, setting priorities, staying disciplined, and developing essential study strategies are the prime objectives in this course.
**This course is taught in a computer room.

Course Syllabus: