International Business


Level: College Prep
Unit: .5 (semester course)

Prerequisite: Completion of Grade 9

The ever-changing Business of the World, it is Global, it has made the world smaller. Did you know that on any given day, you can buy a book that was written, published, printed, bound, and distributed by the cooperative efforts of companies in several different countries? Are you ready to take a spin for a job that may take you out of your backyard and into all parts of the world? Let this introductory course prepare you for the challenge of understanding the expanding global economy and what drives it, and how it impacts your every day world. Utilizing technology will develop skills necessary for global e-commerce. Learn and explore currency, customs, travel arrangements, time zones international calling, cultural sensitivity, do’s and taboo’s, geography, survival and courtesy expressions, importing and exporting, current events and careers to get your ready for global business in the 21st Century, that can transport you anywhere in the world.

Course Syllabus

Catch a video below on the ever changing International landscape of emerging superpowers who will win, India or China both possess the weight and dynamism to transfor the 21st centry golobal economy.