Hospitality and Tourism Management


Level: College Prep and Honors
Unit: .5 (Half-year)

Would you like to learn about the hotel, restaurant, travel, entertainment, and tourism industries? This course welcomes students into the exciting and diverse hospitality and tourism industry. While providing an understanding of the scope and complexity of the industry, the course covers key hospitality issues, management definitions, and career opportunities available in restaurants, hotels, beverages operations, sports venues, entertainment centers, cruise lines, and countless other hospitality and tourism business. Topics include introduction to management issues in all aspects of the hospitality industry, including human resources, customer service, operations, marketing, and planning. This course is an asset to any student interested in exploring career opportunities in hospitality and tourism industry.

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  • Chapter 1 - Defining Hospitality and Tourism
  • Chapter 2 - Economics and the Impact of Tourism
  • Chapter 3 - The Restaurant Business
  • Chapter 4 - The Hotel Business
  • Chapter 5 - The Tourism Business
  • Chapter 6 - Destination Marking
  • Chapter 7 - Sports, Events, and Entertainment


  • Detailed Syllabus

  • General Syllabus

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Vocational Technical Education Framework- Hospitality and Tourism Occupational Cluster (VHOSP)
Strand 2B: Fundamentals of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (page 17)
Strand 2C: Fundamentals of Customer/Guest Service (page 18)
Strand 2D: Fundamentals of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry on the Economy (page 18)
Strand 2E: Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Management (page 19)
Strand 2F: Fundamentals of Career Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry (page 20)
Strand 2G: Fundamentals of the Lodging Industry (page 20)
Strand 2H: Fundamentals of the Career Opportunities in the Lodging Industry (page 20)


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Field Trip Pictures
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Boston-Hotel-Restaurant Field Trip - December 2014
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